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H2Cap - The World's Smallest Hydrogen Water Generator - Drink Healthiest Water on the go - NOW

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"Delivered on time, works great! Weird thing... People notice it on the train or in town when they see it on my buxton or highland spring water bottle (or whatever I picked up and filled from the tap that morning) and they want to know what it is. It seems to get more attention than my 8 Month old Westy Terrier when I'm at the park" - M Forwell, Cheshire UK


Meet H2CAP...

the hand held H2cap hydrogen generator

H2 CAP is a unique hydrogen water generator

 The 'worlds' smallest, lightest, strongest and most long-lasting convenient Hydrogen water generator. It can be used with most bottled waters that have a 28mm screw cap. So you can enjoy the health changing benefits of Active Hydrogen rich water anywhere anytime.

  • Compact Size and Design Houses Unique 9 Layered Hydrogen Generator System
  • Solid Stainless Steel Outer Body also Protects the Powerful Functioning Digital Components at the Core of this Technology 
  • Can be powered directly from your Phone
  • Product also includes; USB Power Supply, USB Leads, Descaler, Instruction Manual, Test Kit, Pouch
  • Unique Beautifully Designed Portable Technology shows you care about Sustainability as much as your Health
  • Converts any High Street Bottled Water into Anti-Oxidant  forming Hydrogen Rich Water in the shortest time ever
  • Buy Any High Street Bottle of Water just Once, Buy the H2cap Hydrogen Water Generator just Once, Refill with Filtered Water and Drink again and again and again...
  • Drinking Hydrogen Rich Water Improves Fatigue Recovery and Muscle Energy, Assists in the reduction of Cellulite, Suppresses various Allergies, Contributes to Weight Loss

"The H2CAP arrived the next day as promised, packaged and boxed beautifully, like it came from Apple or something" - S Ford, Devon UK

h2 cap on lots of various bottles as it fits any size

The effects of drinking H2 water are:

Fatigue recovery

Negatively charged hydrogen ions in the water donate electrons directly to cells and enhance the production of energy current, ATP (Adenosine Triphosphate). As the energy supply in the body increases, the effects of fatigue diminish and vitality increases.


By eliminating and reducing Free radicals involved in the inflammatory reaction, it has effect on suppressing various allergies.

Muscle-Energy supplementation

Drinking hydrogen rich water has a positive effect on athletes who perform repetitive movements by improving their resistance to muscle fatigue, increasing endurance and shortening recovery time.


By maintaining a healthy level of Vitamin C intake, hydrogen assists in suppressing melanin and cellulite, in addition protecting the skin from ultraviolet rays and collagen breakdown.


Hydrogen water reduces oxidative stress in the liver and contrib­utes to the reduction of serum glucose, insulin and triglycer­ides. It is similar in effect to a good diet, whereby it acts to inhibit the effect of hyperlipidaemia.


It acts to increase the number of NK cells which seek out and kill cancer cells, inhibiting the proliferation of cancer cells in our body. Some drugs companies have observed increased cancer cell death rate when giving H2 water with their chemotherapy drugs. (see study)

And so much more....

Molecular Hydrogen is the most powerful "Antioxidant"

Hydrogen rich water has an abundance of "active hydrogen" (H2), which is the lightest and most unstable element in the universe. The abundance of active hydrogen (more than 1000 PPB) works as a powerful ANTI-OXIDANT in our bodies by donating excess free electrons to unstable FREE RADICALS (especially OH- hydroxyl radicals) rendering them stable and unable to damage DNA. When this occurs and the OH- radical receives an extra electron from active hydrogen (H2), resulting in pure water being discharged from our bodies.

hydrogen atom bonding with free radical

Active hydrogen is strong enough to restore and cure OXIDISED cells and DNA to its original state

What's in the box?

1x H2cap Plus 28mm

1x USB power supply

1x USB leads

1x Descaler

1x Manual

1x Test kit

1x Pouch

I'm very pleased with this product. Been using it for 6 weeks now. It makes water taste clean and fresh. I have no idea if it works but I have to say my gym routine has definitely sharpened up - J Webb, S.Yorks UK

box contents of the h2 cap showing all items

Unparalleled Excellence in Technology & Innovation

Using the most sophisticated technology, we are able to produce the highest concentration of dissolved hydrogen.The H2Cap plus is the smallest, lightest and strongest hydrogen generator that retains dissolved molecular hydrogen the longest.

9 layers in hydrogen generator

The 1st 9 Layered hydrogen generator system

 The use of a unique patented platinum coated titanium membrane plates produce the most efficient electrolysis and hence, the highest levels of long lasting molecular hydrogen water.

cross-mesh platinum titanium plates producing hydrogen

Patented CROSS-MESH plates

Patented design of efficient Cross-mesh platinum titanium plates are applied.

exchange plate membrane

Special PEM

Using a special cation exchange membrane, with a minimum current generation to produce high concentration of pure hydrogen. Isolation results up to 99%.

digital control for hydrogen ionizer

Digital controlling system

Using the most sophisticated PCB to produce the highest efficiency of electrolysis.

Great materials

H2CAP materials are food grade safe. Utilising non-toxic, non-leaching materials both in and outside the product, you can be rest assured that your health will not be compromised.

H2cap food grade materials